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Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai

When it comes to hotels in Dubai, few will even come close to the magnificence of the Dubai hotels. To begin with, Atlantis Dubai is described as an underwater hotel, this means that you will be surrounded by water all round and you will see fish and other sea animals swimming around. The resort is found well hidden within the United Arab Emirates.

Just to give you an idea of how hard it is to describe this hotel, read the following statement carefully. The hotel has 17 restaurants together with bars and it is the only hotel to have a water park that will allow you to view over 65,000 species of fish. As though the above were not enough, the hotel also has an extensive private beach that will treat you to the best white sands and crystal clear blue sea water.

If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and the famous, this is the hotel to visit. It cost about USD 1.6 billion to build and this has made it one of the most famous hotels in the region. People on their honeymoon are increasingly spending their time there, and it is not hard to see why.

Getting there

The moment Atlantis Dubai comes to view, you will notice that access is made possible by the use of a long and winding bridge that will deposit you at the palm’s crescent. As you get closer, you will have the feeling that the hotel is kind of rising from the below gulf.

You will have crystal clear blue waters surround you as you get closer and the drive towards the hotel is as good as the stay. Many have said that the drive gives you the appetite for what lies in the hotel. If you want adventure and relaxation at the same destination, this is your hotel.

The hotel decor

The hotel being a tourist destination means that all possible decor plans have been inculcated within the hotel. Once you walk into the Atlantis Dubai, the very first thing that will catch your eyes is the high level of detail in everything therein. The bulk of the decor is taken up by amazing artwork as these have been added to the ceilings.

The most unique thing about the hotel decor is that all of it lies behind a water theme. The carpets, doors, floors, lighting system and the windows have all been designed to blend in to the theme of the hotel and the view of blue waters almost everywhere makes it hard to miss. To put it mildly, the feeling you get as a result of the decor is that you are staying at an underwater home.

Rooms and suites at the hotel

Are you ready for a shocker? When we said that it is one of the biggest hotels in the area, this is what we meant. The hotel boasts of 1,373 well done guest rooms and for the ones that that love and can afford luxury, there are 166 suites. The rooms have been designed to have the same feel and the decor and appliances used in them are largely influenced by the oceanic theme.

To serve clients from all over the world, the internal room decor is not overdone and the management has made use of natural colours and patterns. This has worked so well as there is so much to do in the hotel that you will barely spend time in the room. To mention, the Atlantis Dubai has well done balconies that give you a very good view of the Arabian Gulf.

As for the bathrooms, they are huge to say the least, and you will be treated to the best TV shows as you shower as they have large plasma screens for this. Relaxing in the bathtubs never got better. The normal rooms hold about four people at one time, and they have all the basic amenities that you will need.

The hotel has taken advantage of the fact that Dubai is more of a shopping destination and has some of the best deals with dealers in the region. This is what gives you no reason to be in the rooms. Additionally, you can never get bored when you venture out to the water park as the creatures to see are numerous.