Dubai 7 star hotel

A fantastic and advanced hotel

Dubai 7 star hotel

The Dubai 7 Star Hotel or Burj Al Arab is a magnificent hotel. It has become extremely popular and known due to its many high-techs and cultural details. It represents Dubai history in a marvelous way. Guests are already speaking for themselves. This hotel is somehow an iconic structure. Its amenities are outstanding in many ways.

Unique shape

Within its many qualities and features, the Dubai 7 Star Hotel was designed in a Dhow sail shape. This is actually a sailing ship, especially used by merchants so they can deal with regular transportation of goods all over the extensive Arabian Gulf. For this reason and many more, it plays a very important role in Dubai. At first sight, this hotel will leave you speechless. It is definitely a marvelous design!

Location & More

The Dubai 7 Star Hotel is situated in a perfect place. It is exactly located in the Jumeirah Beach. This area has become very popular in Dubai skyline. When it comes to ranks, it is rated as one of the leading and finest hotels in the entire area. As soon as you enter Dubai 7 Star Hotel, you will be left breathless. It has a an authentic design which screams glamour and style. It is certainly an amazing structure and you can easily notice the traditional Arabian style along with contemporary architectural design. Its interior is strong and it has presence. You will most likely love its start gold contrasts vs. bright colored hues. Such interior décor details are hard to beat! It may be overwhelming- in a good way- it is definitely a breathtaking combo.

Moreover, a great feature is the water which is right in the middle of the hotel lobby. As soon as you enter, you will notice 2 beautiful aquariums. You will close find an elevator that will take you exactly where you need to be. You will soon discover a fine restaurant. The Dubai 7 Star Hotel restaurant ranks together with the top 10 worldwide restaurants. This is not a simple restaurant since you will find boutiques and entertainment brought by dancing waters.

Art & Services

This hotel is certainly a piece of art itself.  The Dubai 7 Star Hotel includes art facilities and top of the line services. Well trained staff will guide you as you desire. Forget about struggling in any way. Your data will be protected since they stand to deliver security and privacy to each guest. This is one of the main reasons why international elite love this hotel. Most hotels are trying to achieve the same exact results. You can opt for one of the many all-suite hotel options. The best luxury accommodations are waiting for you. If you feel like shopping, you can walk through the many retail options. Moreover, if you enjoy sport activities you can opt for sailing, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, etc. The concierge service will also guide you to book tours and more. The hotel amenities are fantastic so get going today and enjoy a unique experience.

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