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Dubai Smart Palm Tree

dubai smart palmWith all of the innovations in technology and the global initiative to go green today, there are many awesome creative developments that people are seeing all over the world. Some of which are catering to specific needs, while others are taking creative development to a complete new level. In some cities, there are many creative top innovators that’s finding solutions to a wide range of different problems including how to solve communication connectivity issues on a far off the coast beach. Because some cities are also known for their riches, they can branch out into the areas that others may not have the funding to start new creative concepts. This is statement is true for the city of Dubai. One of the most recent developments that both residents and visitors alike will enjoy is the smart palm solar tree. With this being said, here ’s some facts about the smart palm solar tree and its installation.

What is a Smart Palm Solar Tree?

Palm trees are staple in many areas around the globe and they can be found on sandy beaches where people frequent for various kinds of outdoor activities. Though a palm tree is normally seen as a resource for obtaining shade on a hot day, it is now being transformed into a useful tool that will be used for connectivity to the Internet as well as a multitude of mobile devices. The name of this kind of palm tree is the smart palm solar tree, and it is in infancy stages. This tree is currently being introduced by the officials in Dubai since they are currently presenting it as the infamous futuristic smart palm tree. When people have access to this kind of palm tree, they can connect to the Internet to perform different kinds of technological activities as well as use their mobile phones and devices to keep in contact with their family and friends or to use for business purposes. In either case, its important for people to know what is now becoming available on Dubai beaches and the potential of spreading in other places around the world. With this latest release, people who have access to these palm trees can benefit greatly from the opportunity of having free wifi.

Harness the Sun’s Energy and Free Wifi Access for Everyone

How does a smart palm tree work? A smart palm tree is ideal for many different reasons. However, before people begin to rave about its existence, they need to know what it is and how they work. Because these trees can be far far away from any kind of electrical power, its important for users to know how this kind of concept or structure will actually function. Fortunately, the creators of this new development are making use of other resources and they include harnessing the sun’s energy to generate the natural energy that’s needed.

With this new species of palm trees being positioned in the city of Dubai, its important to know and understand the dynamics surrounding how it actually works. For instance, the smart palm tree does not produce any dates that can be consumed, but it will have wi-fi installed on the trees so that people can get connected and be reached even if they are on the sandy beaches. One of the best things about this kind of tree is that the wi-fi that people have access to will be free. So, anyone can take advantage of this new technological concept at any time. It is also important to note that this 9 leaf, 6 meter tall tree can generate approximately 7.2 kilowatt hours of energy per day.

Two Prototypes Available

Getting started with this new revolutionary ideal is already in the makings. With 2 prototypes being positioned in two different locations, people will have access to one that has been installed near a beach at Burj Al Arab hotel and the other can be found located centrally at Zabeel Park. Each of the prototypes have been designed to carry a Wi-Fi hotspot along with the following capabilities (i.e. 8 charging stations for both tablets and phones). Visitors will also have access to a convenient touch-screen panel that will provide them with various kinds of local details including obtaining information on the weather and transportation. The technology that’s used in these prototypes is state of the art so people can expect the best communication resources available.

Green Innovations and Greener Economies and smart palm dubai

Though the technology that is being implemented in this area is great for those who need connectivity in far away remote locations on the beach, it also meets a dual need for those who are currently concentrating on green initiatives and innovations. Therefore, this smart project is considered to be a part of the city’s overall plan for creating a greener economy. Because 2015 is currently being marked as the city’s year of innovations, this project is being recognized world wide as increasingly becoming a sustainable city. The city is also well known in the global community as being the most connected (i.e. 88% of the country’s population connected via internet or other mobile devices) so this project will only prove to push the city more forward in their efforts.

Getting connected and staying connected is becoming easier with every technological innovation that’s being made today. With Dubai’s recent introduction of the smart palm tree in the year 2015, access to the internet via mobile devices is ideal for those who spend time away from everybody and everything on sandy beaches. Also, with the introduction of this kind of technology, the city is also accomplishing their objectives of going green to solve various kinds of common problems. Therefore, Dubai is not only a leader in these and other related areas, but also a trailblazer for other communities that use these technological advances to meet their needs as well. With 2 prototypes already available, this project is promising for a greener city and connected future.