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Dubai, The Land Of Luxury

Dubai Luxury

Dubai LuxuryA prime tourist destination amidst the sands of Arabia – Dubai, is perhaps A prime tourist destination amidst the sands of Arabia one of the best examples of the power of the Economy, Security, Tourism and oil. Today it is a remarkable oasis of luxury in the Middle East, the best that man can make, replete with sky hugging towers and next-gen amusement parks. The last two decades have been particularly remarkable, intense planned development transitioning Dubai from a nondescript fishing town to super glitzy city of the future.

Rashid Bin Saeed Almaktoum

Dubai owes this rapid ultra- modernization to ( Dubai Builder)  Sheikh Rasid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai from the late 1958 to 1990. Already positively impacted by the flow of dollars due to its boming oil reserves discovered in the mid 60s, the Sheikh was a man of prescience, who did not want to leave the progress of his jeweled city in the risk based fluctuations of it oil empire. He started promoting his uber modern city to the world as a hub of global trade, finance, aviation and finally tourism. Striding three continents, Dubai was well positioned to capture the heavy flow of business and traffic among these. Soon enough, with the right infrastructure, location and ease of conducting business, Dubai began to flourish – more than any other city in the United Arab Emirates, more than anywhere else in the middle east. Soon, the rewards followed, adding laurel after laurel for Dubai – today, over hundreds of multi-national companies have helped create the fifth largest free trade zone in the world at Dubai, its airport growing at the fastest rate in the world and handling Million of passengers annually. This is perhaps only the beginning with the city well placed to grow faster, higher and stronger than any other city in today’s world.

Today, Dubai is undoubtedly considered the jewel of the middle east, and has become a Destination of tourism in this part of the world. It boasts the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the largest mall, the largest aquarium and of course the world’s first 7 star hotel (Burj al-Arab). There’s an undersea hotel under construction and hold your breath – indoor alpine skiing at the ski Dubai dome. With a reputation for being a shopping haven and an aviation hub, it’s no wonder that the number of tourists has been strongly rising in Dubai, year after year to be awestruck at the life of luxury here.

The luxury and premier hotels in Dubai

Another significant contributor that Dubai has is its entire group of luxury hotels. Most noteworthy of this sparkling crown are the core jewels of the incredibly plush Jumaira Hotels. The group includes the Emirates tower, the Jumaira beach hotel, the fancy desert hotel of Bab al Shams, and finally the Madinat group of hotels. The latter includes a fascinating array of luxury hotels, one of which houses the largest swimming pool of the Middle east.

The Jumaira group is world renowned for its architectural splendor and of course, its enchanting customer services. To see and feel the opulence of Arabia, the Madinat Souk is a must visit located on the Jumaira beach, this resort is abuzz with 42 restaurants overlooking the dhow shaped Burj al Arab hotel, each located on its own artificial canal. It is a beauty to just gaze at the local dhows transporting tourists all over the waterways and lagoon. And yes, a meal here at sunset is priceless, helping you tell a story of being lavished and spoilt in uber luxury like never before.

There is no dearth of luxury and premier hotels in Dubai. The One and Only Royal Mirage, the Hiltons, the Sheratons, the Kempinski Group, the Crown Plaza and the Shangri-La just start this long-list. Each hotel is further world famous for its majestic decor or customer services, or both, each creating a unique experience in Dubai. Then there is the Armani Hotel housed in the world’s tallest building – the burj Khalifa, and then, the Palazzo Versace Dubai, a neo classical masterpiece fusing Italian and Arabian styles and strongly reminiscent of the Italian palaces from the Renaissance.

With a wide array ranging from eclectic beach hotels to fantasy styled desert hotels, Dubai has much to offer anyone and everyone. Then there are the traditional souks or marketplaces, the popular beaches and world famous malls. All of this ensures that tourism is never a quiet moment for this thriving and booming desert city. Dubai has much to offer, and the best part is that, this is just the beginning!