Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai


It’s a world of shopping delight at the Global Village Dubai, There’s a nip in
the air; and the breeze, when it blows, is gentle and soothing. It’s that time
of the year when the temperature dips; and the hot summer afternoons give way to
long, pleasant evenings. Come December every year and Dubai ushers in a season
of outdoor pursuits; none as eagerly awaited as what has come to be recognized
as the city’s unique winter tradition the opening of the spectacular and
colourful co-day-long annual festival called the Global Village.

Now in its 14th year, Global Village offers a dramatic whirlwind of experiences-
it’s a shopaholic’s delight, a cultural landmark, a foodie haven, a gigantic
amusement centre, and a beehive of live entertainment attractions, all rolled
into one. Add to this its international flavor with the presence of more than 40
country pavilions; a fun fair area devoted to adrenalin-pumping adventure rides;
a daily fireworks display that sparkle, shimmer and explode in a million little
twinkling lights brilliantly illuminating the night sky; and a spectacular
free-for-all synchronized Musical Fountain – and you have all the makings of an
exotic extravaganza that just can’t be missed.

A unique annual tourism destination and an outstanding multicultural
entertainment centre, Global Village is located at Dubai land, the region’s
largest tourism, entertainment, and leisure and lifestyle complex. Participants
from more than 45 countries are in the fray this current season, which will be
held from 22 November, 2009 to 27 February, 2010.

In addition, 100 kiosks have been let out to Ilisplay and sell products ranging
from food to handicrafts. These are conveniently located around the country
pavilions, cultural hub and fun fair grounds.

Global Village is aptly described as a little window to the world, especially
for its rich cultural experience. Here, you can explore the different corners of
the world and get insights into the ways of life, cuisine, traditions,
handicrafts, arts, and cultures of people from countries far and wide.


The most unique element of Global Village Dubai is the country pavilions where
you can buy merchandise of countries from around the world without actually
travelling there. Besides traders exhibiting their wares, craftsmen too offer
live demonstrations of their craft here. You can see, for instance, how a
talented artist creates scenic images in a bottle of colorful sand in just a few
minutes, or how a wooden ship is fitted into a hollow-neck bottle piece by
piece. You can watch carpets being weaved and knotted; admire at glass being
blown and shaped into varied sizes and shapes. Or look at how intricately, an
artist writes your name on a single grain of rice, and for the price of a few
dirham’s, encloses it in a wooden keychain as a treasured souvenir.

Global Village Dubai can take you straight from the desert sands of the UAE to
the stunning African continent where ebony-colored animal figurines, colorful
masks and polished gourds with ethnic carvings from Kenya and Senegal transport
you deep into the wonders of its jungles. Egypt brings alive the magnificent
aura of its ancient archaeological wonders with miniature show pieces of
pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphic inscriptions. Turkey is awash in the finest
of glass coffee sets and vases while Iran takes your breath away with the
fragrance of its exotic spices.

Move on to the crystal-magic world of Czechoslovakia where this exquisite
material has been shaped and carved into objects defying the imagination. In
Japan, you will find the nations treasured symbol- bonsai plants, and can relish
the island nation’s delicately rolled sushi and sashimi while China greets you
with an array of products at bargain rates.

In Morocco section in Global Village Dubai, it is the hand-hammered and hand
carved metal lanterns found in traditional Moorish palaces that are the chief
attraction. Syria, on the other hand, boasts sophisticated mosaic and walnut
furniture and Arabic style lamps. Closer to Dubai, Saudi Arabia offers the
finest sampling of dates and date products; and Oman impresses with its heavily
inlaid traditional mandoos or treasure chests and carved silver daggers.
Decorative backgammon and chess sets; silver jewellery; embroidered shawls, and
decorative plates too are common in the pavilions from the Arab nations.


From the Subcontinent,lndia showcases

a gorgeous collection of exquisite textiles ranging from homespun cotton to
muslin, silk and brocade; in a rich variety of embroidery. With more than 300
stores, the Indian Pavilion wins hands down as the largest country pavilion in
the entire Global Village. Products spanning the entire length and breadth of
the country can be found here including jewellery (with live demonstrations by
artisans), the famed pashmina shawls, embroidered shoes, leather bags and
hand-woven carpets.

Each of the country pavilions is a styled replica of a renowned cultural
monument representing that nation. The grand facade forming the gateway to each
pavilion is in itself a major attraction for the visitors thronging the Global

Among the major cultural attractions include traditional dances of the UAE in
the Global Village Dubai , varied folk traditions from around India, the African
dance set to the rhythm of the jungle beat; and a host of live music and dance
performances by celebrated artistes from around the world.

The Entertainment Fun Fair Area is where the young-at-heart flock to, and which
hosts plenty of exciting games and adventurous rides. Targeting both family
audiences and people of all ages, the play area boasts

Around 40 fun fair rides including the star attraction, a giant wheel ride. With
restaurants, cafes and food kiosks scattered all over the venue, Global Village
is also the perfect place to savour the many flavors of the world.

Global Village Dubai what started off in 1996 as simply a group of traders
selling products and handicrafts from different countries has now evolved into
an event of epic proportions with the Global Village attracting a total of 4-4
million visitors over 102 days in the last concluded season.

At the Global Village, which celebrates a kaleidoscope of national and
traditional cultural events, you can either experience new festivities and
broaden your cultural lexicon or partake in events that bring you closer to
home. Whatever you choose to celebrate or indulge in, there is enough to keep
kids and adults entertained even on multiple visits of Global Village Dubai.

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