Mudhesh world

Mudhesh world that receives visitors a year for the days of DSS since 2000, the largest entertainment destination air-conditioned and covered in the region covers an area of ​​37.000 square meters and offering a wide variety of entertainment options and education that contribute to the expanding horizons of knowledge among children in an atmosphere full of fun, happiness, and give all family members the opportunity to spend a fun and entertaining times. In addition to more than 45 corner entertainment varied dependent highest standards of security and safety, is full of Mudhesh world daily offers lyrical and musical gathering around the adults before the young and play teams from around the world, cartoon characters known to everyone to submit reviews of interesting with messages educational value and exhorts the noble values ​​and good morals . And attracted an Mudhesh world through the Dubai Summer Surprises 2010 more than half a million visitors came from different nationalities in the world to test the unique experience of fun, entertainment and learning. It is sandy beaches charming in front of the water clear blue to the deserts golden vast through the finest architectural styles of hotels, restaurants and towers scattered throughout the city and features traditional old smells of fragrant authenticity of the past, carrying vacationers with them memories of Wholesale times for fun and entertainment and interest spent in one of the leading destinations in the region of the favorite summer holiday. And holds Summer Surprises in Dubai this year and which organized during the period between June 22 and July 31, 2011, with a lot of retail offerings attractive to different types of goods, prizes and entertainment world and offers spa luxury, along with lots of fun games and education provided by the “Mudhesh world “, the largest educational and entertainment destination in the region.

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