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Places to visit in Dubai

places to visit in dubai

Best Places to Visit in Dubai, UAE

Whenever we hear something about Dubai, an image comes automatically in the mind that of a vibrant city, full of luxurious materials, huge money flow and world’s richest people go there.

Dubai can be stated as the most advanced and luxurious cities in the world where buildings are innovated not built. As of now Dubai has more than ten establishments that are sure to take your breath away once you stand in front of them. With beautiful beaches, sand coasts, best amazing hotels, gigantic malls, top brands available, Dubai is undoubtedly going to be world’s most visited tourist destination in the upcoming years.

In a list of top one fifty tourist cities, Dubai ranked seven in position and so you can guess what type of experience it is going to offer to the tourists.The establishments are researched and then engineered; it’s like defying the rules of science, using the sea water as base land for construction, something which is possible only in Dubai.

Here are some of the most famous tourist spots which everyone is likely to visit on his tour to Dubai once in a lifetime. Starting from the very famous Burj Khalifa which is an example of its own in terms of modern day civil engineering, then comes the Wadi Wild water park, if you go there you are not going to believe your eyes what you see there as the whole concept of a water park is reversed out there. Who will forget to mention the famous ‘The World’ which is a residential establishment on the sea waters in the shape of world map with all seven continents clearly identifiable.

The Dubai Mall is a legend in its own as the world’s largest mall with the most expensive things being sold there, and so are the Dubai creek and the Ski Dubai where you can enjoy skiing on artificial snow being created there in Dubai only but gives you complete entertainment and feel of being in a snow hill place.

Apart from there are places to visit in Dubai like The Dubai Museum, The Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Island, House of the Present Ruler, Dubai Zoo, Dubai Waterfront, Deira Island, Dubai Aerodrome etc. etc.

Which are not only beautiful in architecture and ambience but will also take your breath away in terms of the hard engineering work which is being displayed there. The cost is a very major factor in such constructions as they are very costly to build and hence they are standing there, astonishing millions of visitors all-round the year, every year.