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Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Should Be on Every Passionate Tourist’s List

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

In the heart of Downtown Dubai, lies the most famous street in the world, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. The 3.5 kilometers of luxury, style and touristic attractions have quickly become one of the most visited places on earth. An impressive number of visitors, no matter if in town for fun or for business, walk on this lovely boulevard shaded by palm trees during the day and lit by thousands of lights during the night.

Previously known as Emaar Boulevard, the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard was renamed in honor of the man who made Downtown Dubai “The Centre of Now’,  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The latest feature of the famous boulevard is its wireless network which allows visitors to connect to the Internet for free.

The boulevard hosts some of the best hotels in Dubai, and is one of the most expensive high-class residential areas in the whole world. With elegant restaurants, famous brand boutiques, elegant shops and iconic attractions, it has something to captivate each and every visitor. The center of different entertainment activities and lifestyle events, the well renowned street is boasting with life even at the latest hours of the night.

Over 60 million visitors are drawn to Downtown Dubai every year and they all cross or go along the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard to visit one of the many amazing attractions around, attracted by the relaxing shade of the magnificent palm trees or by the imposing buildings in the area. The boulevard offers easy access to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth and host of the At The Top, the world’s highest observatory deck with an open-air terrace.

These are only a few reasons why Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard is one of the most sought after destinations in the world, but there are many more surprises awaiting enthusiast visitors.