The 3 Most Famous Towers in Dubai

Architects from all around the world vie for the honor of designing a building in Dubai, for the emirate is a veritable showcase of cutting edge architecture and modem design. From stately office complexes to the graceful arches of hotels, Dubai is a treat for connoisseurs of art, Some of the world’s future landmarks ate being constructed as you read this

Burj Khalifa


The tallest building in the world, the Bur] Khalifa stands at an incredible height of 828 meters. The design of the building is akin to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s plan for The Illinois, the mile-high building that never saw the light of day. The triple┬Člobed footprint of the building was inspired by nature, from the flower Hymenocallis. At its apex, the tower sways a total of 4.9 feet.

Emirates Towers


These twin gun-metal grey towers soar above all the surrounding buildings. One houses offices, while the other is a hotel. The structure adheres to a triangular format, from the sloping roofs to the skylights. The base traces the graceful lines of an oval, and this motif can be found on the upper storeys as well

Burj al-Arab


Probably the most recognizable building of the new millennium, the Burj alArab is a favorite with the rich and famous. Shaped like a massive sail, this ultra-luxurious hotel has 300 two stores suites, an underwater restaurant and a 200 meters high lobby. At its apex, one can see a helipad, and a restaurant, which puts a new spin on ‘dining under the stars’.

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