The Spirit of the Union

 The Spirit of the Union

A Nation United

The ‘Spirit of the Union’ is derived from ie vision and leadership of the late heikh Zayed, and now lives on through is Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed I Nahyan, President of the UAE and his -llow leaders of the nation’s Emirates rho are shaping the UAE’s future.

To the people of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed was more than a President; he was frequently referred to as the father of the nation. He led them through economic and political change which could not have been imagined when many were born.

Sheikh Zayed was born in Abu Dhabi around 1918 although the exact date is unknown. As a young man he spent time with Bedouin tribesmen, learning about their way of life and the desert in which they lived.

Seven Emirates formed One distinct national identity :

Agreement was reached between the rulers of six of the Emirates [Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Fujairah and Ajmanl. and the Federation to be known as the United Arab Emirates was formally established on December 2, 1971. The seventh Emirate, Ra’s Al-Khaimah, acceded to the new Federation the following year. In less than four decades, the nation has transformed from a tribal culture reliant on agriculture and fishing to an entrepreneurial success story with world-class infrastructure.

It is the spirit that unites the cosmopolitan community of the UAE, connecting us under one banner, one flag, but with numerous voices. It is the Spirit of the Union that celebrates our culture and heritage, and nevertheless shapes our future. This spirit needs to be celebrated and shared by all citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates.

His first experience of government came in 1946 when he was appointee Ruler’s Representative based in the oasis town of al-Ain.

Seen as someone who led by example he used consultation and consensus to deal with the tribes. Oil was firs’ exported from Abu Dhabi in 1962 and, a, the ruling al-Nahyan family los: confidence in the then ruler to use their new-found wealth for development Sheikh Zayed replaced his older brother. There followed a massive building programme: schools hospitals; housing; and roads wers constructed on a huge scale, When, ir 1968, the British pulled out of the area known as the Trucial States, Sheik! Zayed quickly established closer tie, with other emirates, taking a leading role in forming a federation.

The leadership has improved education advanced health care and embraced change as the UAE modernizes consistent with its history and cultural values. Furthermore, the UAE i~ strengthening institutions of government to ensure a transparent legal system with full regard for the quality of life of all citizens am residents.

The UAE came into being in December 1971 and Sheikh Zayed became president and was re-elected to the post ever since.

Sheikh Zayed was loved by the people of the Emirates, and respected by the expatriates who make up the vast majority of the population. Sheikh Zayed is also credited with keeping the Emirates rich heritage alive through teaching young people about the region’s history.

The UAE today is now a nation that is made up of faces from different places, bringing with them important skills, cultures and personalities from every corner of the globe. Living side by side, under one spirit, the different cultures work together to help the nation continue to prosper and grow.

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