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The World Anew At The Dubai Safari Park

For many individuals all across the globe, Dubai is a well renowned destination and experience for every member of the family, whether visiting for business or pleasure. It allows for appealing tourist attractions and accommodations to please any traveler looking for adventure and enticing culture in every aspect of the city. In fact, Dubai continues to expand it’s many attractions and tourist appeal every single year, including this coming year with its newest addition, the Dubai Safari Park and Zoo. The newly almost completed animal sanctuary in the city opened its doors to the public for a trial run on Tuesday, December 12th with much anticipation surrounding it, and there is definitely much to explore at this new attraction.

Although the safari park and zoo began it’s soft opening on the 12th of December, there has been no official word as to when the Dubai Safari Park grand opening date will be for the public with regular business hours. The only inclination that has been given out is that it the grand opening will take place sometime in January of 2018. The easy opening that is currently taking place allows for ticket prices to be tested out before the grand opening, and are determined by which areas guests would like to visit and see, including the ability to purchase an all access pass to each area of the safari park. The Dubai Safari Park is covering a massive area of land, and includes four villages for guests to walk through. Once the park and zoo are fully completed, it will also house about 10,000 animals of various species (as of now, only 2,500 animals have made their way into their enclosures and habitats within the park). The villages within the new park include the African Village, the Arabian Village, the Asian Village, and the Open Safari Village. The park, which resides on a large area of property (as we stated previously), once housed the Jumeirah Zoo, which unfortunately closed its gates to the public only just a month ago. The Jumeirah Zoo closed after being in operation in the area for over 50 years.

 The Dubai Safari Park and Zoo is mostly operated and viewed by bus transportation, including drive through crocodile, hippo and tiger exhibits, because it is such a large area of land. However, there will be some areas in a couple of the villages that give guests the ability to wander through and get a little closer to the animals enclosures. With this soft opening that is currently taking place, the Dubai Safari Park has been offering many different discounts and other offers in order to attract and entice the public with all of the fun and amazing sights that are available to see. The massive Dubai Safari Park and Zoo is definitely going to become one of the most eagerly anticipated and amazingly popular tourist attractions that the destination has to offer for all ages. There will be much more information coming out each day about the Dubai Safari Park building up as the weeks and days get closer to the grand opening in 2018.