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Top 5 Adventure Places In Dubai

Since it is a global city Dubai it has several sights, attractions, and more amongst the populous that is estimated at just under 3 million. And while Dubai is now known for its skyscrapers and other iconic buildings.

Best Tourist Attractions Dubai

Here is top 5 adventure places in Dubai.

Dubai Parks

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Considered to be one of the best places to visit in Dubai, Dubai parks and resorts is the perfect home away from home that features various theme parks (complete with movie characters and childhood wonder). However, these parks aren’t only for the typical kid but are meant for the entire family to enjoy. Rather flying down the water slide at one of the water parks or riding your favorite ride at one of the other theme parks these Dubai attractions are the perfect solution for anybody looking to have a good time. On the other side of the experience sits elegant resort-style accommodations making it easy to relax worry-free after a long day at one of the parks. While the characters that are featured in most of the theme parks are tailored to the movie and Bollywood scenes other parks incorporate Legos in a creative way that will spark imagination, creativity, and absolute wonder as the adventure never stops with every twist and turn of the multiple ride offerings provided.

IMG Worlds of Adventure IMG Worlds of Adventure

Another way to continue, or experience for the first time, the adventures of a theme park is by visiting the IMG Worlds of Adventure. This indoor theme park is divided into different sections with each section specifically themed differently. For example, where one section may be oriented toward a superhero theme another is associated with all things cartoons and another with dinosaurs. Although this is considered to be one of the largest temperature-controlled parks there is something for everyone. Rather you opt to geek out over the mass multi-media production or the roller coasters and other thrill rides that are available you are sure to have a grand time. Equivalently, there are even live shows that are offered and are all family friendly. Should thrill rides and live shows not be your exact cup of tea then there is a slew of restaurants and shopping outlets scattered throughout the park that have several tasty treats and cool souvenirs. Some of the most popular Dubai Attractions include the Ben 10 5D Hero Time and LazyTown rides from Cartoon Network as well as the Thor Thunder Spin and Avengers Flight of the Quintets from the Marvel section of the park.

Hub Zero Dubai

Hub Zero Dubai

Aside from the multitudes of visitors that flock to the area theme parks another common Dubai points of interests include the massive indoor gaming venue. While this venue boasts the largest LAN gaming establishment in the Dubai area, the video gaming experience isn’t the only gaming experiences jumping off the screen. Also incorporated into the experience is a pool hall, shopping, retro arcade games, and much more. Simply put, this particular gaming experience offers a virtual gaming experience via innovative technologies. Additionally offered is karaoke and they even have party rooms perfect for birthdays and other occasions. There are games and activities for the entire family, however, some of the most popular gaming categories are in that of the shooter, thriller, or group games. Furthermore, popular games include Gears of War, Resident Evil, and Battlefield. Ultimately, this solution provides a perfect alternative to be active while enjoying your favorite game. Plus, there is even more in store when you visit Hub Zero. So get up, it’s time to play!

Sega Republic dubai








Sega Republic

The place to be in terms of the top 10 things to do in Dubai, Sega Republic is located atop the local Dubai Mall and features a 76,000 sq. ft. gaming experience. A Dubai points of interests location, this gaming establishment is perfect for anybody who loves thrill rides and simulated gaming as this location offers to levels of rides, games, and more. Amongst its 15 high-adrenaline thrill rides the most popular Dubai Attractions is the largest arcade collection ever known to man, thrill rides such as Wild Wing, Racer, Storm-G, and much more. While Sega Republic prides themselves on offering the best rides with the most advanced technologies known to the leisure industry this place is ultimately one that can be enjoyed be anyone as it is family-friendly and also offers a great location for birthday parties and other celebrations. Furthermore, one of the most commonly known characters of this theme park is Sonic the Hedgehog although there are other characters who are typically featured daily throughout the park.

Sky Dive dubai

Sky Dive

If you are looking to further your search for thrills and aren’t afraid of flying from the sky after jumping out of a plane then skydiving is the thrill adventure you are looking for. Considered to be an exhilarating experience by many who have already conquered this feat. No need to fear though you will have a parachute strapped to your back. While this is considered one of the top 10 things to do in Dubai you will need to book a reservation for an appointment but it is said to be well worth it. Aside from the thrill of the adventure itself, you will not only get to experience what it is like to skydive but you will get to sightsee from above and take in some of the most amazing sights around the city of Dubai. This Dubai points of interests activity are one of the highest rated experiences to be found and is sure to not disappoint. So book your reservation, gear up, and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime.