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10 Reasons to Visit Dubai

10 Reasons to Visit Dubai

10 Reasons to Visit DubaiDubai, located on the Arabian Gulf, It is the 7th most visited city in the world. Dubai experienced substantial growth during the 1960’s, but is now known for its tourist industry. The city is characterized by its luxury and opulence and there are many reasons to visit this popular destination. The following are the top 10 reasons to visit Dubai.

The Culture

Dubai CultureDubai is a cultural melting pot. It is an Arabic culture is rooted in Muslim culture. Languages spoken include Arabic, Hindi, English, Urdu, Persian, and Tagalog. There are nearly twice as many men in Dubai as there are women. The culture of Dubai is very lavish and luxurious. Residents of Dubai have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Visitors to Dubai should be prepared to respect Muslim culture. Festivals and community events are a staple of life in Dubai. Known as a cosmopolitan city, Dubai thrives on tourism and hospitality.

The Safety

Even though Dubai is the second largest of the states that make up the United Arab Emirates, the city enjoys very low levels of crime. In fact, the Dubai says that there is virtually no crime within the city limits and therefore, the hotels and attractions are very safe. Visitors should remember to respect Muslim culture in the appearance and actions. Dress codes are usually posted at mall and restaurant entrances and they are not just a suggestion. Women visitors should also be aware that women in Dubai, and Muslim culture, are held to a very different standard than women in the US or the UK. Observing and respecting the local culture will allow visitors to explore and experience in harmony.

The Skyline and Architecture

The skyline of Dubai is breathtaking. Dubai is called the world’s tallest city because of the impressive buildings. The architecture found in Dubai is not only supported by top Arab architectural firms, but also top architectural firms in New York City and Chicago. The tallest man made structure in the world, Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in downtown Dubai. Dubai is also home to the Burj Al Arab Hotel. This hotel, shaped like a spinnaker, rises 1,053 feet in the air. It is also boasted to be the world’s only 7 Star hotel. In Dubai, you will also find several of the world’s tallest residential building. The buildings and the skyline in Dubai are no doubt part of the reason that Dubai is considered a city of luxury and opulence.

The Shopping

shopping in dubaiShopping is popular in Dubai because it offers an escape from the desert climates. The shopping malls, markets, and festivals in Dubai are legendary. Dubai is the shopping capital of the Middle East. The list of stores is not different from Europe or New York City, but shopping is an experience in Dubai. The biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, is not only an architectural masterpiece of shops galore, it is also home to an aquarium, an indoor waterfall, a ski rink, and live water show of fountains and music. In addition to the magnificent malls, visitors can also experience a piece of Middle eastern culture and visit the Souks. Souks are markets where you can get quality merchandise for a good price, after haggling with the merchants.

The Beaches and the Sand

Dubai’s coastline is made up of canals, an artificial archipelago, and artificial islands. Dubai, located on what would be the last remaining Arabian Gulf Coastline, has very little naturally occurring water around Dubai. The coastline is miles of sand, sparkling clear water, beach resorts and residential areas. Most of the residential areas are located in an area called Jumeira, also known as the Beverly Hills of the Middle East. The incredible beaches of Dubai often called the Eighth Wonder of the World. Away from the coastline, visitors can take a Safari adventure in the desert. They can also take a drive through the desert dunes and see some of the local plants and animal life.

The Sports

Consistent with all of the other lavishness of Dubai, the sporting events are becoming world famous. Golf has become immensely popular because of the pristine condition of the facilities and the status of the tournaments in Asia. Golf is very expensive in Dubai; approximately three or four times more expensive than Europe. Dubai has become a global destination for golf. Tennis and soccer are also widely popular in the city. Dubai was home to the 2009 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. The city also hosted the Dubai Tennis Championships and The Legends Rock Dubai tennis tournaments. The large populations of Indians and Pakistanis also enjoy Cricket.

The Food and Drink

Dubai is home to several different types of food. Arabic, South Asian, and Chinese are popular. Biryani, a mixed rice dish, is popular with the Indian population. The Dubai food festival is an annual event that brings food from over 200 nationalities. Camel is a popular staple of dishes in Dubai and street food is also a part of the Dubai experience. Visitors should remember to keep Muslim culture in mind when consuming alcohol and their behavior and that driving with any amount of alcohol in their system is illegal and widely enforced.

The Luxurious Hotels

In addition to the world’s only 7 Star hotel, Burj Al Arab, Dubai is home to many luxurious hotels. Visitors can expect to feel pampered in Dubai. The Qasr Al Sarab, the Desert Resort of Anantara, is decorated with jewel encrusted accessories and elaborate mosaics. Each room features a desert view. The resort has four restaurants and a spa. Near the shopping, the Shangri La Hotel, features deep soaking tubs and rain showers. Near the beach is the Dar El Masyaf Jumeirah provides visitors with a beach vacation like no other. Visitors should try to stay in one of the premier hotels in Dubai to have the full lavish experience of Dubai.

The Transportation

Dubai is a hub of international air travel. Dubai International Airport has won awards for excellence in services and design. Dubai air transportation is heavily invested in growing its airline, Emirates. Once you arrive in Dubai, the public transportation system is a fabulous resource for visitors to get around the city to see everything. Dubai Metro runs through the financial and residential areas of the city. To get to the beaches, visitors will take the Taxi the are bit far away from metro stations. Dubai transportation makes it easy for visitors to explore.

So Many Things to Do

The only bad thing about the many things to do in Dubai is visitors need to stay for a month to even make a dent in the list. There is world class architecture to see. A helicopter ride around the city is the best way to experience the sights. There are numerous beaches, man made islands, and deserts. After shopping, relax with some of the best cuisine in the world at the world’s most luxurious hotels. Visitors can go on a desert safari, going skiing at an indoor ski slope, visit water parks when it is really warm outside, and go to art and history museums. There is also a Dolphinarium, cable cars, Camel Ride, horse carriage rides, and exotic birds shows.