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IMG worlds of adventure

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img world pictureThe huge indoor theme park in Dubai

The world’s biggest theme park is now located in Dubai and below is what the park will initially end up resembling. The world’s biggest building, man-made islands, and one of the only hotels which include a rainforest are located in Dubai. Dubai now has one more thing placed on its list of “First’s around the world.” IMG World of Adventure opened the gates onAugust 31 and is actually fitting measurements within as much as 1.5 million square footage. This park is a place where you can see Cartoon Network and Marvel universe characters. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AlMaktoom welcomed the new park and was touring through it when the day came for it to open. This theme park is actually worth 1 billion dollars.

This theme park is as big as 28 football fields which are easily 1.5 million feet of indoor area to roam in.

Dubai now owns the biggest theme park that is all indoors and they call it, IMG Worlds of Adventures. FFX-travel. Costing a whopping 1 billion dollars this has completely conquered above everything else including entertainment and hotels or shopping malls. In Dubai, they expect to have at least 20 million tourist flood in each year before or right when 2020 occurs, which will be when world expo comes to their city. In 2015 there were at least 14 million people who came to Dubai. At the worlds of adventure you will learn and see there are actually 22 different rides and things to do Dubai which are, a velociraptor roller coaster which is a dinosaur, and it will give you a ride through the whole inside of the building then exit into the desert. You will get a chance to see Power puff girls sitting with marvel heroes such as the hulk or spider man. The temp in the summer can be as hot as 106 degrees Fahrenheit so with a new inside location that can be enjoyed the locals are very excited. A pen in Dubai is 31,300 dollars. There are many shopping areas and a lot of restaurants.

Many different flight attendants have told us 21 things that flyers would stop doing. They have brought chicken nuggets from chick fil a, wendy, burger kind, and they even tried shake and placed it besides in n out which. So to make it clear the 100 places everyone should visit in Dubai have been brought to light. Dubai has created the biggest inside theme park and this is a glimpse of the inside.

Dubai already has the world’s tallest building found there, man-made islands, and the very first hotel you will find with an indoor rainforest present and now you can say they have the biggest inside theme park located within their hands as the world’s very firsts.


Another famous place to visit in Dubai is known as MG worlds of adventure which is one of a vast majority of places that receive the most visits from tourists. Mg worlds of adventure are opened and owned by IIyas and Lennard Otto along with everyone else was super thrilled to finally open and run the biggest inside theme park in the world and receive a load of visitors from all over the worlds. A lot of their rides do not have another like them made out there.

You can visit the website online to purchase and reserve your tickets. The site you should visit to do so is the adult tickets will run at 82 dollars and children’s tickets will only be sixty-eight dollars. If you want a fast track pass you will pay fifty-three dollars. If you were interested in buying fast track 3 shot passes you would be looking at spending thirty-four dollars. Two-day passes will run you one-hundred and thirty-six dollars for adults and for a 2-day pass for your kids it will only be one-hundred and eight dollars. Annual yearly passes will only be 680$.

This theme park is one of two that Dubai has built in this year.

Two teens, Jameel and Sultan al-Suweidi, are locals in Dubai and they told us they have more fun at this park than they do at universal studios located in Singapore. The lines are much shorter and the rides are more of a thrill they said.

Spiderman also has a ride all to his self here also which is a rollercoaster that throws the riders through a skyline in new york and m,akes you feel as if you are spiderman saving people from doctor octopus. There is also a Powerpuff girls ride which spins you upside down and is 5-d but is more like a ben 10 scene when in a battle.

A British visitor said that the price is a bit expensive for a ticket to enter the part which for adults would be 300 dirhams and 250 for children. His daughter was 5 and there was not many things she could do and thoroughly be able to enjoy. Other than that he felt that everything else was perfect except for the few rides that happened to not be working.

Lennard Otto mentioned it is hard for every single ride to remain functioning. No theme park has had everything’s completely up and running in a days time, Otto said they are trying to add in 5 more rides within the next few years.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a visual treat. It will enchant small and large visitors with amazing images and sounds before they were strapped into their first ride of the day. Those who prefer to spend their visiting surfing gifts, drinking a coffee or watching shows will not be disappointed.

But if a theme park is just as good as its rides, then IMG Worlds of Adventure is a thrill-a-minute adventure that tickles you, scared and thrilled.