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Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden GlowDubai is a mascot for the Guinness Book of Records. Once again, when it took over two hundred thousand hours for the completion of the Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park, it was the recreated miniature version of the Burj Khalifa made entirely from recycled medicine bottles, all 330,000 of them filled with coloured water that takes away your breath.

But it is the Dubai Garden Glow that has been intended to deliver the message about recycling. With over four million lights creating trees, flowers and a host of different animals, every single metre of lighting is recycled and many of the what you see here is handmade.

Children who visit find themselves in a world far removed from the one they’re used to when they’re transported into another world created by artisans form all over the globe. Visitors will experience a journey that will take them through the Kenyan plains where the wildebeest migrate, to the Netherlands where tulips of every conceivable colour light the way.

With a constant message to recycle and reuse, the Garden Glow has much to see and when one is brought into an awareness that old things can look absolutely beautiful with recycling imagination, it’s a message that is sent from the very young to the very old.

The Dubai Garden Glow began as a vision and returns that vision into a place where people can relax and dream, be entertained. Opening hours are 4pm to 12am daily, giving full advantage for people to see the incandescence and the colour as night falls. Entry is free for children under three whilst the fee for children and adults is Dh60 per head.

On a Monday evening, the stage located in the centre of the entertainment is flooded with color offering the first of many unforgettable experiences for both children and adults. By day, the Dubai Garden at Zabeel is a tapestry of diverse art and by night one can walk through a fairyland, eclipsed by fantasy in a place where dreams are free. Live and musical performances fill the air with notes of entertainment whilst you walk toward one of the restaurants or cafes where you will experience exquisite cuisine.

Afterward, wander through the dinosaur museum then into the world of underwater, the mushroom forest where talking trees and colorful bugs inhabit this strange, awesome world and the animal kingdom where zebra, gazelle, and giraffe roam. Most of the theme parks and rides have their own prices so it’s probably wise to take a pocketful of cash if you want to see the entire park.

There are so many sights, particularly the replica of the Grand Shaikh Zayed Mosque which was constructed from 90,000 porcelain cups, plates, and spoons. Other attractions that are a must-see is the display of an African Savanna, there’s an Ant Party, wander through the Dino Camp where the roar of dinosaurs fills the night. There’s the new Panda Paradise, a dream come true for the park, a children’s entire world in Candy Land and the Giant Phoenix Vase, all of which took eighteen months to plan at a cost of Dh$30 million.

With the second season now having launched, the Dubai Garden Glow is welcoming visitors through November to April 2017. You’re invited to explore 40 acres of lights that glitter throughout the night, witness the spectacle of wonderful live entertainment with show-stopping performances from international and local artists and acrobats and take your fill of fantasy and breathtaking scenes.

This is a location where the entire family whether strolling through the park in the afternoon or entering during the early evening, is a place where history is in the making. On a gorgeous evening while the stars provide a canopy of crushed diamonds, beneath is the Dubai Garden Glow with more lights than one can possibly fathom.

Getting there is an easy walk or take the Metro to Al Jaffilya stop on the shuttle. The layout is an easy almost rectangular design that is well thought out and a joy to explore. You’ll discover an oasis of lights in the middle of the desert where it is that fairy tales for the children come to life. It is suggested the best time to visit the Garden Glow is at around 5.30pm when you get to witness the exchange of daylight to the gloaming as the night closes around you. You are then walking upon a stage that is surely a spectacle that can be seen from space.