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The Floating Seahorse of Dubai

seahourse_dubaiAre you an adventurous type? If the answer is yes, please do read on, you will be happy that you did. Because, to be honest, it is the adventurous types who do dream of living up underneath the sea. It is a fantasy of theirs. Therefore, if you want to live out this fantasy for a short time, you can. How is that? The answer is with a very stunning villa that is located about two miles off the coast of Dubai.

What is this floating hideaway called? It is called the Floating Sea Hose and it is indeed a jaw dropping kind of place. The Floating Sea Horse of Dubai features bedrooms and bathrooms that are underwater. There is floor to ceiling windows that open up the villa’s view to the amazing and mesmerizing world that belongs to marine life.

The ambitious project that is presently underway and will be completed in 2018 will have approximately more than 125 of these out of this world villas. The more than 125 villas in number will cost about L2.2 million each in price. These villas will also be linked to a archipelago that are man-made in detail. These archipelagos will be called the Heart of Europe and are located in the Arabian Gulf.

The Floating Seahorse Dubai is a futuristic type of project

The Seahorse Project Dubai is indeed every inch a futuristic project that many will come to like and appreciate. Why is that? The answer is clear. it is indeed every inch a truly piece of exceptional architecture on all fronts. What makes the Floating Seahorse Dubai so majestic a project is obvious. Not only is it a project that was launched by the shore of Dubai City at Downtown, but also, it is a true treat for those who love marine life and have plush yachts. These people do find such a home as being a treat to them in the best of all ways from an enjoyment angle. Kleindienst has spent a number of years on the planning, as well as, the overall designing of this very special marine house concept that is unique. They worked very hard to make this idea into a working reality and definite welcome to the global market.

What is the Seahorse Villa Dubai?

The Seahorse Dubai Villa is not just a floating underwater project. It is an independent holiday home that comes complete with three different levels. These three levels are known as being viz. underwater, sea level, and upper deck. The viz. underwater level is a special level that is home to an area of 474 square feet. What is it that makes this area so special? The answer is this. It is a comfortable master-bedroom and luxury bathroom that has awesome transparent glass walls. What owners of these special holiday homes do get to view is this. It is bewitchingly beautiful underwater looks at marine life. These views of marine life are spectacular to the human eye. The sea level comes complete with a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and dining room that comprise 990 square feet. The upper deck of the Seahorse Villa Dubai does have 496 square feet. What the upper deck does contain is a lounger, sundeck, and other types of relaxing settings that are outstanding.

 Seahorse Project Dubai has introduced 42 units in this launch

The Floating Sea House Dubai is indeed a new and revolutionary type of concept. It isn’t just a unique idea. It’s also a mind blowing accommodation in every way and a futuristic type of investment at the same time. However, this one of a kind project does work very well for Dubai, which is a travel place that is known for its amazing holiday destinations.