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Hotels in Dubai

 To cater all your needs and budgets

hotels in dubai

Dubai, a global village and is renowned all over the world as a place where you would want to go for leisure, business or some time out & yet stay connected with the world around. Resorts have been a favorite place for people who want some time out but in today’s fast pace world you may not be comfortable with the tranquility that they offer. It has a lot to offer for its varied parks, shopping malls and architectural styles and yes of course how can we forget the dessert safari and night life. There are more than seventy shopping malls so you can term it as a heaven for the shopaholics.

Best Luxury Beach Hotels Dubai

In Dubai you can find mushroom hotels to 7 star hotels and more are still coming up as it is a hub for tourism & business both. Dubai is a small city but its modern state of art place in the warm desserts of the Middle East, its roads well linked and well made which actually does not make a difference wherever you stay.

You can go through and prefer to choose a location that you like you can have a wide range of options for selection.

The Beach area

It is a very popular location not only for tourist but also for businessmen as it is wonderful place as it has the view of the Arabian Sea and nearly all the best hotels will give you all business related facilities you need. It gives a refreshing start to the day as you can see the exotic scenery of beautiful garden 7 the coastline as well. Being hardly 20 minutes away from the city centre, it makes you enjoy both worlds.

The Creek area

It is good for people who do not like to be confided to the hotel as you can have a lot of amenities around the hotel which are not available in the beach area It offers excellent view along with numerous dhows that move up & down which itself is very pleasing to the eyes.

The Main City Area

The center of Dubai is also a place where you can find a lot of amenities around & saves your traveling time however if you want a peaceful evening at the creek that is also not far away to enjoy.

Bur Dubai

It is a location where you can get access to the corporate offices within minutes it is a business dominant area where you can just walk over for meetings & sessions yet enjoy a peaceful evening.


It is the commercial district in Dubai and is often referred as old Dubai as well here you can find a wide range of hotels from bed & breakfast to a 2 or 3 star hotel. However the hospitality of all the hotels is good and in accordance to the price you pay for it.

Points to consider before you finalize your hotel

No matter which part of Dubai you choose to stay you need to consider a few things, yes of course the main element to consider is the room rent that you are willing to pay but the offers differ from hotel to hotel based on their policies which do have an impact on your stay.

You need to consider best hotels offering such as  local calls free of charge, internet availability, laundry charges, complimentary breakfast offers , airport pick & drop facilities etc.

The accommodation in Dubai’s luxury hotels can be a lavish affair itself as they offer large recreational areas with pool tables, golf course, swimming pools gymnasiums etc. All rooms have their personal telephones, television, and internet connectivity. Mostly all hotels offer a variety room types such as twin rooms, deluxe or family rooms with a 24 hours service. They also offers complete business services such as conference events.

Best Hotels in Dubai, UAE

Cost of Hotel Stay

Being popular destination best hotels in Dubai offer high quality standards at a very competitive price, where as Dubai has a variety of exceptional hotels & resorts. Even if you are low on budget you can still find a decent value at a competitive price. You can save money on your stay & enjoy the sightseeing & night life of Dubai. Best cheap cost hotels are usually situated in the centre of the city so you can have quick access to the Souks that is the local market.

There are some hotels who charge you on pay as you use amenities such as shuttle service, internet & fax facilities, laundry and other rentals.  However Bed 7 Breakfast is the best option if you want to save on accommodation.

Few reasonable budgeted places to stay in Dubai

If you are looking for a reasonably budget place in Dubai you might want to consider the following places.

Traders Hotel Dubai is located in the Deira commercial district It is hardly 5 miles from the beach and the in house facilities are also quiet good such as a 24 hour fitness club, restaurant, bar. The rooms also have televisions, mini bars, and telephones.

 The Metropolitan Hotel Dubai is a 4 star hotel which is located in the financial district. It is close to the Gulf coast and offers amenities like swimming pool, Cineplex & a night club. They offer high speed internet access, mini bar & television

Al Manzil Hotel is close to the Dubai mall and has a restaurant, poolside bar, lounge & health club. Individual coffeemakers, bathtubs and showers, high speed internet facilities, LCD televisions, and an astonishing view of the area is that all their rooms’ offer.

The list is too long for best hotels in Dubai but I am sure if your browse around the net you will find several options but key word is book in advance.

Book in advance

Best Hotels in Dubai are usually populated & you need to book in advance to avoid last minute hassle especially during the shopping festival & Christmas, New Year break.  You can find many websites on the internet that can do online reservations for you. Moreover a lot of hotels have their own websites & online booking forms which you can submit to book in advance and also update them with any special instructions if you need to.