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Things To Do In Dubai

welcome to dubai

Top Things to do in Dubai, UAE

What are the things to do in Dubai, a frequent question arises in the mind of most of the visitors who want to spend their holidays with their loved away from their country to the land of  AAL MAKTOOM . There are very limited choices that come into the people’s mind when they are deciding for this amazing land to visit. After reading the following post, they will be sure to come of the dilemma they are engaged in presently.

Burj Khalifa is the first choice that comes to your mind, when thinking about the visit to the land of the Khalifa. This burj is the world’s highest edifice with the height of eight hundred and twenty-two (828) meters and around 160 flooring. The task to construct the earth’s heighest structure started in 2004 that continue untill January 2010. Sheik Khalifa, King of United Arab Emarat and who is also the president of city Abu Dhabi had financed the Burj.

Aquaventure Water Park is another choice where you can have a small visit. Aquaventure Water Park is at the top of the palm Jumeirah near the Bridge Package Hotel. This wonderful place is also considered among the world’s most famous and finest water parks.

You can then have a visit to the Al-Ain Zoo. If this zoo is compared with the other zoos located in UAE, it gets five-star status. This zoo is well known for its high amount of routine maintenance and animal welfare. The environment for the pets are great there as well. If you look this zoo for its greener is not like African Bush where there is free wildlife roaming. Unlike some other zoos of the UAE, they always consider the animal safety and welfare issues while making their policies.

alhamarClimbing the Big Red has been yet another adventure. It is also called as Al-Hamar. It is a three hundred feet substantial sand dune along with side falls, which are comparable to a black snowboarding run. The Big Red name originates from its reddish color, which can be due to the high ferric oxide content. It is situated 25 minutes drive alongside the Hatta Path, heading towards the south. To avoid any kind of confusion, simply follow indications for Hatta everywhere in Dubai.

You can even go to Ski Dubai, where you can enjoy skiing. It is the very first indoor snowboarding resort located in the center East and provides an incredible snowfall setting to take enjoyment from tobogganing, skiing, and winter sports or simply playing with the snow. Old or young, there will be something for anyone, through the novice to the compacted snow sport fanatic. It is the exclusive mountain-themed appealing structure that offers the chance to take pleasure in real compacted snow in Dubai any time in the year.

You can even experience the beauty of amazing Dubai from the sky with a company called SeaWings Dubai. This company offer breathtaking services to the people who have a parrot’s eye look at the natural beauty of UAE, and noteworthy man-made constructions. SeaWings is running up to sixteen flights a day and offer various packages to various destinations for example, Emirates Structure, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai Creek, and Fujairah, as well as for other airborne tours.

dubai ballonOne of the things to do in Dubai, to observe the scenic beauty of stunning Dubai from a helicopter. DreamDays Helicopter offers an elite method to notice Dubai, its interesting desert higher buildings, and big Gulf Ocean from the air. DreamDays offer you their services from different avenues and airline flight times that let you choose according to your requirements. Many people try their services every day who wanting to scrutinize Dubai city from the blue in thirty minutes. In this relatively short watching experience from the air, you will give see the stunning Jumeirah Palm and the Burj Al Arab hotel. It will help you to make clear that how fast the barren region has developed in the last forty years.

Ballooning Dubai is another thing that you must try. It must be considered as an ideal breathtaking experience. It will start at the start of the day then come to the leave Oasis and take you away to the blues of Dubai. It is not a cheapest trip. However, you can enjoy by discovering the foothills, deserts, and the royal Dubai city itself from the blues.

Make the dolphins your swimming buddy for a day. Swim together with Dolphins would be a great experience at Atlantis the Palm in a 4.5 hectare sumptuous tropical established. It is very carefully designed according to the natural environment of the dolphins. You can find three considerable lagoons from where you will be able to observe the dolphins and you may get a chance to interact with them. It doesn’t matter what you are doing in dubai, either you are travelling all the day, or staying at the hotel, Dolphin Bay offers an incredible never-to -be-repeated experience in Dubai.

You can enjoy the Camel Trek in Dubai. It is actually a hike in desert of around the half day duration. During this time, you can get experience of the uneven sand dunes. You will go to the desert with these people, where camels are ready for you. On camel, you can now enjoy the comfort of the dry desert beauty. You will also get an experience to watch the amazing moments of sun setting and the dark underneath the twinkling stars. You can also get a chance to enjoy the traditional dinner of Arab nomads.

Visiting to the Al Mamzar Park, one of the things to do in Dubai, Al Mamzar Park spans an area of one hundred and six hectares and offers a protected beach destination, barbecue sites, meals kiosks, non-public chalets for hire facilities, the scenic tour, and many of the children’s amusement areas. Way back in the year 1994, Al Mumzar Park had been inaugurated in a contented environment during the Arab Cities Corporation seminar. It is Ninety-nine hectares large as well and there is almost hundred million Dirhams were invested to bring it up.

It is must pay a visit to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It has a water holding capacity of 10-million liter and sited on the ground level of the Dubai Mall. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the greatest suspended tank in the world that is a containing for more than 33,000 aquatic lives of more than 140 varieties. There are over Four hundred Sharks and Sun rays live in this tank. It also has the largest number of sand tiger sharks in the world. There are many ways for the people to experience the primary aquarium, which measures 51 meters in length, 20 meters in depth and 11 meters in height.

These are among the various places to visit in Dubai. You can also find the massage parlors that will add extra pleasure to your holidays. There are more things to do in Dubai and discover for you once you reach the land of the Emirates, Welcome to dubai.