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Cheap Hotels in Dubai

Cheap-Hotels-in-DubaiBest Cheap Hotels in Dubai, UAE

Visit Dubai! The most happening place in the world, Dubai is the capital of The United Arab Emirates and is considered to be as one of the major cities of the middle world.  Cheap hotels in Dubai are easy to find, because Dubai is a popular tourist destination as many tourists visit this place to experience the fascinating climate of the desert.

Travelling to Dubai was not an easy task in earlier times as vast stretches of barren lands had to be traversed on the back of camels. This used to take many days and usually claimed many lives. But with the advent of the new age and rapid development in the field of communication, it now takes only a matter of few hours to reach Dubai. So many new hotels have developed in recent times to serve the tourists.

There are many reasons why Dubai has grown to be such a big city. Dubai is considered to be a great place for shopping.  The local items ranging from dresses, electronic items, jewelry and spices attract everyone. Moreover the cuisines are a heart stopper for all. As the land is inhabited by both the Asians and Europeans so the cuisines share the taste of both the continents.

Moreover the natural heritage is unparallel and the man made architectures like Bastakiya Quarter, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Heritage and Diving Village, Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum House, Burj Dubai and other landmark towers just add on to the beauty.

Cheap Hotels in Dubai

There are many cheap hotels in Dubai. So if you are going for a trip at a low budget and cannot avail the cost of high class hotels then you can definitely opt for any of these hotels. They are:

1>   Highland Hotel: This hotel is situated at almost the center of Dubai and can suit your needs well.  This is situated very near to the Arabian Sea and you can enjoy a spectacular view from the balcony. The rooms are very cozy and comfortable and the ambiance will win over your heart and make your trip worthwhile.

2>   New Peninsula Hotel: It is a very big hotel and is situated amidst big business and shopping centres.  It hosts many clubs, restaurants and bar within itself which are a must watch for every tourist. The rooms are very big and spacey and the services that are provided will satisfy you. You can choose to have any food of your choice like continental, European, Chinese and other local dishes that are present.

3>   San Marco Hotel: This hotel is situated near the gold souk and is located very near to the Dubai airport. This can be considered as one of the most cheapest in Dubai but that doesn’t mean that it provides bad services. There are many rooms and each room is designed to accommodate variable amount of people. Like for example you can either choose honeymoon suite or a family suite depending on the number of people in your group.

4>   Versailles Hotel Dubai:  This hotel is located in Deira, a very famous place in Dubai. Its specialty is its architecture. The design is based on the architecture of the olden times and the artistic beauty and intricate interior surroundings will win the hearts of all. If you are an art lover then this hotel is a must for you. Moreover it is situated at the capital of the business and entertainment world of the city.

5>   Semiramis Hotel: It is also located in Deira and is almost a ten to fifteen minutes distance from the Dubai International airport by cab. The main advantage of this hotel is you can enjoy seeing the sun set and sun rise over the Arabian Sea. This excellent view in the morning and the evening can lift your spirits every time and etch a deep mark in your memory.

There are many other cheap hotels in Dubai where you can get rooms at a very low rate; however the hotels mentioned above are the best; however you can also search for other best hotels on various sites over the internet.

It is always advised that before coming to Dubai you must make a reservation in any of the hotels in advance. This is because there is a huge rush in this city all the time of the year and finding a good and cheap hotel may be a very hectic task especially if you don’t have any booking in advance.

For reserving rooms you can either contact the hotels directly through email or can take the help of any tour instructor.

It is also advised to properly check about the authenticity of the hotel that you are booking, because many times the information presented by them can turn out to be false. In that case you either have to sacrifice your money or worse have a very bad traveling experience. If you are aware of the warning then Dubai is the most happening place for your trip.