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Mall of the World

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People have long dreamed of worlds within worlds, and those dreams will soon be realized by Dubai’s unveiling of their newest venture, a climate-controlled city devoted to shopping and medical tourism. Once a convention left solely to science fiction and fantasy novels, such a city will attract many who will marvel at its novelty. In an effort to bolster tourism in the area, the group behind the mall, the Dubai Holding group, has announced plans to build the world’s first domed city.

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Set within Dubai on almost 2 acres, the mall will have shopping, hotels, a theme park, cultural events, and will cater to those interested in medical tourism. Visitors will be able to choose to stay in lush hotel rooms that will cater to patrons’ specific needs, and they can visit promenades modeled after some of the world’s most famous streets. Larger than Monaco, this domed city will rival the world’s most well-known cultural and shopping centers.

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Although tourism to the Middle East has not had a significant rise in numbers because of unrest in the region, people in the industry expect the mall to increase the number of tourists to the area. For years, millions have visited the existing tourist attractions in Dubai, and industry leaders expect the number to climb to 180 million yearly once the mall opens. The increase should offset the cost of this city, which will be more than 5 billion once completely built.

Many of the tourists flocking to the new center will be coming for medical procedures that are either too costly in their native lands, or require too long of a wait. For those with the means to do so, traveling to a foreign land that has relaxed laws regarding some procedures, or little-to-no wait time for others, is an option people are likely to take, especially when they can do so in the luxury of a high-end hotel. Medical tourism has been a growing field, and experts predict considerable development of this industry in the future. Dubai’s entry into this world is expected to generate many tourist dollars for the investors behind this mammoth endeavor.

In 2020, Dubai will host the World Expo, and be the first country in the Middle East to do so. With Dubai’s goal to have more than 150,000 hotel rooms available by that time, it will rival Las Vegas’s size, and the Mall of the World would account for a major portion of the rooms available to visitors. Tourists attending the expo will find themselves in a place once only imagined by creative minds. No matter the time of year, no matter the weather outside, and no matter the reason for the visit, people inside this majestic, domed city, located in Dubai, will find themselves in a paradise where every need has been anticipated and planned for. Once only a dream, the city of the future is here.