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Top 10 Hotels In Dubai

top 10 Hotels In Dubai

top 10 Hotels In Dubai

Dubai’s 10 Best Luxury Hotels: Where You’re Treated Just Like Royalty

Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates in the Arabian Gulf and is a prime destination in the Middle East for Business or Vacation. Dubai is one of richest as well as the most modern cities in the world with a cosmopolitan air that is unique. Dubai is home to the tallest tower in the world as well as the largest mall, and location of some of the most magnificent luxury hotels in the world.

The climate in Dubai is perfect for a vacation and business. The shopping is out of this world and here will talk about 10 of most luxurious hotels in this land of luxury. You’ll see why every year more and more people are flocking to Dubai. Not only for the weather, have scenic beauty, and history, but because it is exciting and a place where business and pleasure gone hand in hand.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world and the best hotel in Dubai. It is also one of the most expensive as well.

But, this doesn’t daunt their patrons who fly in from the airport in helicopter taxis that land at the hotel’s private heliport, which sits over 210 meters above the Arabian Gulf. The hotel rests on a manmade island supported by over 230 reinforced concrete pylons just offshore from the city of Dubai. For those who choose to travel by car Rolls Royce or BMW taxis whisk you to the front desk of the world’s 3rd tallest hotel, over 1,000 ft high the only 7 Star hotel in the world, located just off Jumeria Road. It is so sumptuous there are only 202 suites. The average sized room is 1,810 sq ft. If you want something in the Ultra-luxury class you can try a suite with 8,396 sq ft.

The cost per night is of course is in line with the amenities you wish. You can stay for one night easily enough and the price rises to $15,000 a night as your luxury expectations goes up. But if you want the crème Del la crème, you will want the Royal Suite at $28,000 per night.

Oh, in case you forget your credit card there is a vending machine in the lobby that dispenses gold bullion, which you probably could use to settle your bill with.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for luxury you can expect. To see more click here.

Armani Hotel Dubai

The Armani Hotel Dubai hotel is a bit less luxurious and is next of the top hotels Dubai after the Burj Al Arab. Named after the fashion icon Giorgio Armani it lives up to its name. It is located near the financial heart of Dubai so you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s business elite. With 160 luxury suites and exquisite dining in one of 6 elegant restraints where you can sample world class cosine from India, the Mediterranean, Italy and Japanese food that is prepared by Armani’s world-renown chefs and served in a style fit for a king.

Armani’s luxury extends to its accommodations as well. You have the perfect setting to hold business meetings in their well-appointed conference rooms where you can conduct business, have meetings, or special events. Here your wedding may be held. You have your choice of Ballrooms, Pavilions, and a special Oasi setting for a relaxing environment modeled on European venues to provide you with lounging Pleasure.

The Al Mjlis is a traditional style meeting room in keeping with Dubai’s central role in Gulf culture and business. There are also fully appointed business suites that mirror a corporate boardroom environment as well. At the Armani you can mix, business, pleasure and luxury all in one package. Here near the heart of Dubai’s business center.

Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm gives you the best in beachfront luxury and fun with activities for everyone.

Here you are in an artificial island modeled after the fabled Atlantis, but with an Arabic twist. You can have underwater suites. You may swim with dolphins see sea lions and cavort live like a porpoise in any one of the many water themed venues attractions, and for the kids a water park as well. You can even go on a shark safari.

Food is of course what you would expect from the fabled Kingdom of the Sea. Seafood abounds and for those who prefer more land based fare, you have choices of Lebanese, Asian cosine, and even burgers if that is your desire. In addition, there are different bars, clubs, outdoor dining, and even a coffee and tea lounge.

You are entertained in royal manner with a kaleidoscope of excellent entertainment in the arts, music, and song. Dancing under the Arabian sky makes for a romantic evening if you care to indulge with that special someone. For those who prefer fun that is more active likes skin-diving, snorkeling, and a wide variety of other waterborne sporting activities such as sailing, Jet Ski and boating. So if the waves are you pleasure you can indulge to your heart’s content at the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel has almost 600 suites, 20 restaurants and bars. You can find virtually any type of food you enjoy or enjoy the beverages of your choice in a venue that you are most comfortable in. Build on jumeriah road and is adjacent to the Burj Al Arab and just a short distant from the fabulous Palm Jumeirah Island. You are on the beautiful Arabian Gulf under the warm Arabian sun.

You can spend a relaxing vacation in one of the 19 Villas, on 364,000 square feet of pristine sand or play at the Wild Wadi Water Park. You have a 93-meter tall hotel, which is one of the ten tallest buildings in Dubai. This ensures you a view you wouldn’t soon forget.

Mamoud Sakr the General Manger of the hotel personally wants you, your family to enjoy themselves thoroughly, he, and his staff of highly trained professionals staff ensure that you will be in world-class comfort and luxury, with all the amenities that it entails. You will experience unparalleled personalized service and your stay will be something you will remember for a lifetime. So, for true Arabian style beach hospitality the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is your first choice.

Grand Hyatt Dubai

Grand Hyatt Dubai is one of the truly great 5 Star hotels in the world and not just Dubai.

Here you have luxury everywhere you look. From the friendly staff that greets you as you check in and convey your bags to your room the elegant and well-appointed rooms or suites.

The hotel’s restaurants are a cut above the best and you have selections that reflect the eclectic nature of Dubai and as this hotel is in the heart of ‘New Dubai it is only fitting. You not only have Awtar: Arabic/Lebanese cuisine you also have:

Manhattan Grill

Andiamo!: Italian cuisine

The Market Café

Peppercrab: Asian and Singaporean cuisine

iZ: Authentic Indian Tandori food

Wox: Asian restaurant

Sushi: Japanese cuisine

Al Nakheel Lounge

Cooz: Jazz bar

Poolside Restaurant

Panini: Italian café and deli

You also have ultimate in luxury and comfort in any one of their 674 spacious WIFI equipped rooms or suites. If you like, you can also choose one of the 186 luxury apartments for a longer stay is you so desire. This all adds up to making the Grand Hyatt one of the largest hotels in Dubai.

There are venues for the kids and shopping galore. The Ahasees Spa & Club will pamper and relax you after a hard day of business or vacationing.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a 30-minute drive from the airport and is a resort that is modeled after the old Ottoman royal palaces. Locate on Palm Island you have the Arabian Gulf right outside your window every morning when you awaken

You have luxury that is at its height of a time where potentates ruled their own personal kingdoms as they saw fit in an age that seems like something out of the Arabian Nights.

With 405 rooms and many suites for you to choose from, you are in the lap of luxury and if you want even more you can book one of their many villas as well.

The restaurant is where you can get some of the finest food in all of Dubai and the choices are superb:

The Rib Room is for those who want a special business dinner or for couples to have a delicious dinner.

Amala gives you the feeling you are eating in Northern India and the food is some of the best outside the sub continent.

Voda that offers the best in cocktails and lounge experience anywhere. Their team of skill bartenders who know virtually every drink on the planet. Go there and try to stump them with you order.

The Sultans is just the place for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a regal feel that make you think you are a sultan and the staff is at your beck and call to fulfill your every wish and desire.

Al Nafoorah, just the place to enjoy some of the best Lebanese cosine outside Lebanon. It is rapidly becoming one of the hallmark restaurants in all of Dubai.

These and many other lounges and entertainment venues also await you visit. You will be treated like royalty and you’ll remember your stay for years to come.

The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray gives you the royal treatment that is second to none.

Raffles Dubai

Raffles Dubai, which is just 15 minutes from the Dubai International Airport make you thing you’ve stepped into Ancient Egypt as you are staying in a 19 story Pyramid with 252 rooms, Spas and 6 world class restaurants to provide you with sumptuous and delicious dining experiences.

Situated in Wafi City development it is as if you’ve gone back to the days of the Pharaoh and you can even see images of them everywhere you go. You have all the beauty of ancient Egypt.

You have a blend of Earth, Wind, Air, and Fire the 4 primordial elements that make up the universe in the hotel’s design. Managed by the Singapore based Raffles Group you know you are in for the best luxury and customer satisfaction anywhere.

As for dining, you have 6 venues that will tantalize and delight.

Crossroads Cocktail – An Indoor/Outdoor place to enjoy your favorite drinks with your friends and family

Azur Restaurant – For the best in International buffet dining with a wide assortment of Arabic and Asian style dishes for your dining pleasure.

Pool Restaurant – Light meals that served with cool refreshing juices and other beverages that please the tongue and palate.

Raffles Salon – After a hard day of shopping it is a great way to unwind or go to meet with clients and friends.

TOMO – Great Japanese cuisine, you can dine indoors or out on a terrace with a spectacular view of Dubai’s lit cityscape.

Solo Bistronomia & Vino Bar – For a combination of Italian Bistro and Gastonomia, which makes for a unique dining experience. This Bistronomia is different from anything you’ve experienced in your travels.

People by Crystal – After dinner, why not dance in the perfect nightclub that has the excitement, ambiance, and music that makes a great way to spend the night.

It’s all here at Raffles.

The Address, Dubai Mall Hotel

The Address, Dubai Mall Hotel With three locations in Dubai to choose from the mall location is one of the most exciting. Located next to the Dubai Mall it is one of the most exciting places on earth to shop and see products that can be had nowhere else on earth.

244-luxury room await you with a view of the tallest Tower in the world the Burj Khalifa or the fabulous Dubai mall itself.

You are in the heart of the most cosmopolitan city in the world where every day is an adventure and every night something out of the Arabian Nights.

At42 stories this elliptical shaped tower offers you Middle Eastern culinary delights as well as 5 star service from both staff and amenities that are there for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Relax in the Spa or exercise in the fully appointed Gym area. It’s all here ready when you want it. You have it all here magnificent view, perfect location, and comfort beyond your wildest dreams.

This is where the action is in Dubai and you should book your room early to avoid the vacation season rush here at

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is a place for the whole family to stay at an enjoy the beauty that is Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula in the Arabian Gulf. The hotel follow a Polynesian motif that makes you think of the ocean, South Sea Islands, and tropical breezes.

Here you have 361 rooms that are all Air Condition for your comfort and have docking stations, 40 inch satellite Flat Screen TVs and more amenities than most other hotels provide. Each room has its own minimart, balcony, outdoor Tennis court, as well its own private beach for you to lounge on. If you prefer there is an indoor and outdoor pool as well.

The Staff is multilingual so you will have no problems getting what you want during your stay. With 6 restaurants to choose from you will find just what your taste buds are craving, you can eat in a different country every night of the weeks.

Manava offers International cuisine

Amura Kids restaurant

Porterhouse Steaks and Grill again with an International flair.

Bottega serves you Italian, Deli style.

Moana gives a wonderful seafood selection to temp your palate.

Hong Loong has special treats for every taste.

You are greeted with flowers and vertical gardens are scattered throughout the hotel and surrounding grounds. For a taste of the tropics in the Middle East, Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is the place to be.

Mina A Salam, Madinat Jumeirah

Mina A Salam, Madinat Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai and the 10th entry on our list of top 10 hotels in Dubai. The hotels name translated to “Harbor of Peace” and that’s the feeling you get when you arrive here. It nestles on the shore of the Arabian Gulf and offers 5 star amenities, service, and luxury. You have a choice of over 40 world renowned restaurants bars, clubs, and lunges to choose from whether it is for Thai, Italian, or Middle Eastern it will be found here.

Amenities like a fitness club, spa facilities and a private beach are just for starters.l There is the Mandiat Theater that provides nightly entertainment as well.You also get world-class treatment with each of the 292 rooms and suites.You have unlimited access to the Wild Wadi Water Park for you and your family. This hotel is the recipient of the 2014 Trip advisor award for Excellence.

You have it all here for the whole family, with 8 classes of rooms from the Royal Suite to others not so grand. However, each with a beautiful view of the surrounding area. You and your family will love your stay here and you’ll want to return again and again for future holiday vacations as well.


You have now seen the 10 most luxurious hotels in Dubai and that means they are the also best in the world as well.

So if you want to experience luxury and the best in 5 star amenities or even higher if you go with the 7 star treatment you’ll receive at the Burj Al Arab. Make Dubai you next destination for your business or holiday vacation plans.

You’ll see what true Arabic hospitality is all about in a setting right out of the Arabian Nights updated for the 21st Century